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Top 10 Hens Party Games

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Let’s be honest, before a Hens Night can get wild - it needs to get a little damn organised! Am-i-right!?

So we’ve compiled a list of fun hens party games that’ll ease the stress, and get all your chickies in a cheeky mood.

All these hens party ideas are simple to set up yourself, but if you want to just kick back and enjoy the fun, why not get one of our hilariously cheeky Drag Queens to host the night?

It’s a sure-fire way to ease the pressure and turn up the fun! (Not to mention make your photos look gorrrrrgeous darrrrling!)

1. Flashback

This is a simple one to get the ball rolling, and also a great way for everyone to get to know each other (in case the bride-to-be is very popular and invited everyone she’s ever known.)

Get all the gals to write down a memory they have with the bride, starting with the words “When we…”.

E.g. “When we learnt the dance moves to Britney’s ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’”

Get the bride to read them all out and try and guess who’s who!

(P.S. Try and keep it PG if the mum’s there, maybe?)

2. Kooky Karaoke

This one’s a right-royal hoot, and is sure to bring out a few inner divas.

Quite simply, take it in turns to sing the tune of a song, while replacing the lyrics with words from a book, a menu, or even an SMS conversation with the bride!

It can be tricky, but hilarious AF.

3. Song Quiz

Think your a music buff? Think again hennies.

Try guessing a song by playing just the first 3 seconds! You could have a list of 10 songs and quietly jot down the answers, or just play ‘first to yell it out wins!’

This is a great one for a Drag Queen to host since they’ll be able to pull together an epic throwback playlist, not to mention settle any debates of who yelled first!


4. Chick Flick Charades

A cheeky twist on an old favourite. Pull together a list of your famous movies with your good friend Google and channel your inner Oscar winner to give the performance of a lifetime!

If the girls are a little nervous, why not do it in pairs?

5. Know Your Bride

Quiz the husband-to-be before the night, and get yourself some inside info to pull together some questions about the bride. They can be simple, like her favourite TV show or favourite musician; but be sure to dig a little deeper and get their worst habit and most sensitive body part too!

Get the gals to write down their answers, with the bride getting to award points for what SHE thinks is correct, and what the fiance’ thought too!

6. True or False

Before the night, get the bride, fiance’ or closest friend to write down 10 true or false statements about the bride. (Make em’ good!) On the night, take a vote around the table - with the losers having to take an extra big sip of their drink.

(OK that last part isn’t mandatory, but it couldn’t hurt right!?)

7. Dictionary

Not what you think! This one is actually pictionary - but ah, for all things below the belt. Get it now?

Take it in turns to draw anything - as long as it’s well above PG13+! It could be a body part, a sex position, or even a few toys…

If you need some inspiration, our Untamed Entertainment Drag Queens have a wild imagination and will be more than willing to offer a few gasp-worthy suggestions.

8. Brisdom (Bridal Wisdom)

See what we did there? This one can be ‘serious’ and touching, but it can also be just plain stupid. Get the girls to write down a little pellet of post-marriage wisdom for the bride. It could be personal advice, or something silly you’ve made up!


‘Never go to bed angry’

‘If you swallow, he should make breakfast in the morning,’

Get the bride to read them aloud, and try and guess who said what!

9. & 10. Toilet Paper Gown

Trust us, this one's so good it's worth two bloody games.

It’s always a crowd favourite, and has the potential to stir up so much creativity! (And also a few abominations.)

Grab a bucket-load of loo paper, and in teams, create yourselves a gorgeous wedding gown to be modelled by your most patient team member.

Once it’s done, be sure to whip together a cat-walk to show off all the "dresses".

Commentary by one of our hilarious Drag Queens, RuPaul’s Drag Race-style, is highly recommended. ;)


So there you go chookies - the best hens party games that’ll really make your night a memorable one! (And a frickin’ funny one too.)

But with so much fun going on, who’s going to top up your drinks?

Check out our handsome Topless Waiters who can keep the bubbles flowing, and make a gorgeously classy addition to your fabulous Sydney hens night!

Happy Henning!

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